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25 Holiday Gift Ideas for Women

Looking for just the right holiday gift for a woman? Whether it's for a wife, mother, best friend, or neighbor, our gift guide will provide great ideas to help you find just what you're looking for.

1) Spa gift certificate that can be used for a massage, facial, or any other service she desires at her favorite spa!

2) Earrings or bracelet

3) Trip to a bed and breakfast or a romantic beach getaway

4) Monogrammed Bath Robe

5) Gourmet cooking classes

6) Flowers of the Month Club

7) Picnic basket and blanket with a nice bottle of wine

8) Perfume

9) Recreation equipment (Hiking boots, rollerblades, skis, tennis racket, golf clubs)

10) Gifts for the office (Briefcase, Cross or Montblanc pens, nice desk accessories, Daytimer organizer)

11) Handmade pottery or passes to a pottery class

12) PDA

13) Assortment of bulbs for the garden or gardening tools

14) Tickets to the ballet or theater

15) Nice dress watch

16) Capuccino maker and gourmet coffee

17) Pampering bath items (Bath salts, bath gel, lotion)

18) Leather jacket or gloves

19) Designer pajamas and robe

20) Home decor items (Clocks, picture frames, artwork)

21) Digital camera or camcorder

22) Gourmet cookware (Rotisserie machine, pots/pans, mixer stand)

23) Yoga or Tai Chi exercise tapes or Home exercise equipment (cardio or strength training)

24) Books on her hobby or interests

25) Personalized stationary

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