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All Purpose: Rubbing alcohol will remove sticker glue from most anything. Paulette Diaz, NV

Try using De-Solv-it (a citrus solution.) It can be purchased at Wal-Mart and is great for removing adhesives such as stickers. It also works great for removing chewing gum from hair and shoes. Glenna Stephens

If you can't get a label off of anything, spray sticky paste with WD40 and wipe away.  Works great!  Nicole McCaughey, RI

Adhesive Labels:
Coat the label with oil; leave it overnight to break down the glues. Peel off the next day; clean the oil off with dish soap and rinse! Jana, OR

Peel label off and rub with baby oil. The rest of the sticky goo should come right off. Lisa,KY

Spray Oust sanitizer on a paper towel to wipe off sticky glue residue from stickers.  Don, Staley, OK

Glue on Glass:
Use WD-40. It wipes the glue right off without scrubbing. After it is removed, run back over the spot with a wet paper towel and the excess WD-40 will wipe off. Carmen, LA

Tape: Use baby wipes and the sticky residue will come right off, especially from tile. Jill, FLA.

: To remove gum try the product "Oops." It can be found at Wal-Mart in the hardware section. Just put it on a paper towel and gently rub it into the area with the gum on it. It only takes a few seconds and the gum completely disappears. Della Harris, MI

Pour a small amount of Pinesol cleaner right on the gum. It will start to dissolve the gum when you rub it between your fingers. It may need to set on gum that has been there for a while. Also remove gum from hair. You might want to test it in a spot that wouldn't be noticeable first. S. Sizemore

For gum in your hair try using cooking oil. Put it on a washcloth and rub the oil on the gum. Remove the large part of the gum first then gently remove the rest. Sharon, SC

Fast Orange or Goop hand cleaner dissolves gum from hair. Just glob on and let sit. When you shampoo hair it will just wash out, it completely dissolves! Jaime Mitchell MI

For gum stuck to carpet, clothes, or hair use a can of compressed air. Use the kind used to clean computers. Turn the can upside down and spray a quick squirt to freeze the gum. Then remove it. Be careful not to spray on skin because you could get "frost-bite". Barb, TN

Price Labels: Remove price labels by coating the label with several coats of white vinegar. Let the vinegar soak in and after several minutes the label will rub off.

I use peanut butter to remove the sticky mess left behind on glass from price stickers. Just rub thick spot of peanut butter on mess, leave for couple hours, and wash off. Works great. Betty Pigg, TN

To remove adhesive left from removing price tags etc. apply a small amount of Avon Skin So Soft oil to the spot, rub lightly with your finger, and let set a couple of minutes. Use a rag or paper towel to wipe it off. Works great on all gummy residues left on objects! Bethany Izzo, MI

Sticky Substances: Use lighter fluid to take off all sticky substances such as gum or adhesive labels. Sarah, LA

Tree Sap:  Peanut butter is great for removal of tree sap.   Mary Rundle, PA

The product "oops!" will remove many sticky substances off of windows, mirrors, and many other things. Becky Bellew, MO

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*Please note: This is a community exchange. The ideas mentioned here have not been tested and product mentions are not indicative of a station endorsement.

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