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Does It Work? Cyber Clean

The makers of Cyber Clean call it THE high-tech cleaning compound.

They say it catches dirt and harmful particles, removing dust and crumbs, penetrating in cavities and cleaning where conventional cleaners fail.  Just press it on, the package claims, and the dirt is gone.

We decided to test it out on the computer keyboard at one of the dirtier desks in the newsroom.

The Cyber Clean material feels an awful lot like the Silly Putty or slime kids love to play with.

The instructions are pretty simple, and pretty clear. Just press the Cyber Clean down onto your computer keyboard, and lift if off. Our first try came up with some pretty nasty stuff.

Who knew it was hiding in those keys? Our supply of Cyber Clean doesn't cover the whole keyboard, so we have to do a few pressings before it's finished. But, once we're done, the keyboard looks a lot better than it did when we started.

So, for $6, we'll give Cyber Clean a thumbs up for living up to its claims. It will get to that hard-to-find dirt, dust and other junk, leaving your PC crumb-free.

Mark Soliday

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