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Does It Work? Open It

 The makers of the Open It bottle opener claim their product will help you with the sometimes tricky task of opening up bottles.

 Stuff like soda bottles or those push and turn pill childproof bottles. They say it's ergonomically designed for people with arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome.

That the Open It's over-sized gripper reduces the amount of pressure you need to get those things open.

Our volunteer's arthritis can sometimes make opening those bottles impossible, but when we tested the Open It on a typical push and turn prescription bottle, it comes right off.

Same story for an over the counter child-resistant pill bottle. Off comes the top --- without any trouble. But, we ran into a snag when we tried to use the Open It on a two liter bottle of pop. All the pushing, twisting and turning she could muster didn't get the bottle top to budge. So, for $10, it's a mixed review for the Open It.

It seemed to work well on the push down and turn type bottle. But not-so-much when it came to a pressurized pop bottle. But, it could be a handy item to have around if you still need to get those child resistant bottles but have trouble opening them.

Mark Soliday

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