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Does It Work? Bark Off April 2011

The makers of Bark Off claim their product will instantly silence your barking dog, all with the flip of a switch.  

  They claim it can work at a distance of up to 20-feet, all thanks to a high-pitched sound that dogs can hear, and humans can't. According to the instructions, all you do to make Bark Off work is put in a battery and turn it on. Our test dog, Sebastian, is a veteran barker according to his owner, a perfect candidate for this thing.

  Now, Bark Off claims to to work instantly for most dogs, but it could take awhile to kick in for others. For Sebastian, this thing didn't seem to make a bit of difference. No matter where we put it, he just couldn't break his barking habit. For us, one of the big shortcomings of the Bark Off is that it's hard  --if not impossible to know if it's actually doing anything. There's something that looks like a power indicator light on the front, but it doesn't light up. And try as we might, we can't hear anything, not even a high-pitched tone. We left our Bark Off and Sebastian together for more than a week ---with no results.

So, for $10, we really can't give Bark Off a thumbs up.

 It just didn't work for us. Some dog owners may have better luck. But our advice --- spend that money on obedience school instead.

Mark Soliday

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