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Does It Work? Bumpits March 2011

  The makers of Bumpits hair-volumizing leave-in inserts claim their product can take your hair from flat to fabulous in seconds.

The self-gripping inserts, they say, let you create dozens of hairstyles for casual or formal occasions. Our box of Bumpits came with three of the plastic inserts in different sizes, along with a teasing comb to help you pull it all together. 

Our volunteer wants to give her hair some volume, in short order, so she's willing to give the Bumpits  a try. To start off, you need to put a decent amount of hairspray on the area where you're gonna place the Bumpit, and tease the which is generally the crown of your head. And you'll need to use the teasing comb to get that area ready. Once that's done, you put the in place. But that took an extra set of hands, something you may not always have around when you're fixing up that hair in the morning.

Then, you put the Bumpit in place, and bring the rest of your hair over top of it.

  Looks good at first, but take a closer peek, and you see it's already slipping. our volunteer's hair is just too heavy. And even with that thicker hair, the Bumpit is still showing through in spots. So, for $10, we'll give the Bumpits a hesitant thumbs-up for its potential. Someone with finer hair may have better luck. But, it gets thumbs down for not living up to its claim that it takes your hair from flat to fabulous in seconds.

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