Located at 2200 Asbury Road in Millcreek, is a massive building with a couple bright orange signs.  It's the home of Eriez Magnetics.  But don't let their name fool you.

"We're known as Eriez Magnetics.  And still likely 50 percent of our business is related to magnetics, but there's a lot of our business that doesn't have a magnet associated with it anymore.  A better representation is that we're 'Eriez Separation,'" said Tim Shuttleworth, President and CEO. 

"Well, we do a lot more than magnetics.  We actually don't make magnets, we incorporate magnets into our equipment," added Jeff Kiehl, manufacturing manager. 

Big equipment, small equipment, normal shaped, odd shaped, you name it.  But most of what you see will be used to remove metal objects from something else.

For example, they make a lot of equipment for mining, to remove iron from streams and coal.  Or at scrap yards, to separate metal and non-metal car parts.

You may notice as you walk around Eriez Magnetics that many of the parts they make are orange.  It's not because it's their favorite color, it's like that for one very specific reason.

They were founded 70 years ago by a man named Orange Fowler Merwin.  So it only makes sense, that orange is their go-to-color.

But something you won't find inside, is a time clock.

"People say how do you keep track of so many people that don't have to clock in and out?  It's simple.  We trust them.  We ask for an honest days work for an honest days pay and we get exactly that," said Shuttleworth. 

And it's that trust that's kept Jeff Kiehl around for 33 years.

"The loyalty both from the company's aspect and the employees are treated well and they decide to stay," said Kiehl.

Something that the company is really proud of lately; Their perfect safety record.

"They look after each other.  An example would be that we celebrated earlier this year a thousand days without a lost time accident and that's a remarkable accomplishment in a business this size with numerous hazards in the workplace," said Shuttleworth. 

A great performance record for a very successful worldwide company, right here in Northwest Pennsylvania.