Lincoln Metal Processing in Millcreek is all about collecting scrap.  Tons of it.

"Within a given month we do probably about six to 7,000 tons we ship out," said co-owner Andrew Lincoln.

The family run business wasn't what co-owner Andrew Lincoln planned to do with his life.  But he decided to move back home from Boston to give it a try.

"I didn't know growing up that this was something I wanted to do but I got other experience elsewhere, saw the opportunity to work for myself and be entrepreneurial and try new things," he said. 

He now runs the company with his brother, Jeremy, and brother-in-law, Scott.

They have three locations, and just under 70 employees.  Employees that spend their days sorting through metals, cardboard, plastics, and just about everything else you can think of to be recycled.

And the best part for their customers; They get paid.

"Our guys will help unload it, they'll help ID what you have, segregate the stuff by what we buy it as and you get a check right at the door and you can cash it right then," said Lincoln. 

Something that they see a lot of at Lincoln Metal is aluminum cans.  Customers bring in thousands to be sorted and recycled. 

But make no mistake about it, when it comes to people finding scrap for money, employee Tony Gowen has seen it all.

"Everything including the kitchen sink.  I mean people have brought boats in, whole house trailers in, I mean it's some pretty massive things have come in.  That was pretty cool," said Gowen.

While it may be just a scrap yard to many, Lincoln says he's proud his scrap yard is helping the environment.

"We're helping clean up the area, not only us doing it but our customers that are our there collecting this stuff that might be along the roads," said Lincoln.