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Sewer Project Creates Mixed Reaction in North East

No grants, no sewer.  That's the overall message that Andy Zuccolotto and several other residents are sending to the North East Township Supervisors.

The wooden signs are now in several lawns on East Law Road,  in protest to a proposed sewer extension project.

"I'm just floored to think that everybody in the community is going to accept this, especially the ones that don't even realize that they're involved," said Zuccolotto.  "Everybody that has sewer right now, the borough or the township, is going to see a 30 percent increase in their sewer bill, whether they know it or not."

The $7.8 million dollar project will provide new sewer lines to 325 homes.  Under the current plan, each home will have to pay $10,550 to have a line installed on their property and a district charge of $40 a month.

According to Zuccalotto, that's not including the tapping fee.

"If I had to guess, we're probably looking closer to $12,000-$14,000  per house to hook up," said Zucolotto.  "Nobody told me no otherwise, and nobody said yes there going to hold that $10,550."

But not everyone is worried.

"I guess I'll believe it when I see it," said Dan Palmer, a resident of North East.  "We've lived here since 1997, and we've been hearing that the sewers coming down the road since then. So really, it's just it's taken so long, that nobody believes it anymore."

Many of the homes currently run on septic systems.  While residents agree that they do need a sewer system, some say now isn't the time.

"It's too much," said Zucolotto.  "We're heading for a recession. Times aren't good right now. There's not a lot of big jobs left in North East."

Supervisors tell us that while they plan on moving forward with the project, no date has been set.

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