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GE Transportation Motivates High School Students

300 Erie high school students went wild at the Bayfront Convention Center. Terrance J, who hosts a popular music countdown show on the cable network BET, was the surprise speaker at a forum hosted by GE Transportation.  The purpose of the forum was to motivate the students to pursue their dreams.

"The greatest part of enjoying any type of success, is to give back to inspire others to be successful as well. I've had so many people who inspired me in my career. And if I just inspire one of those young people today, then my job was done," said Terrance J.

GE flew in Terrance J to tell his story. It's a story of never giving up on a dream, even after dealing with many rejections and sacrifices.  The kids hung to his every word.

"I had so many people in my life that had to push me in my dream because I didn't protect it. I always tell the kids to protect your dream. There's going to be many people who are going to deflate your dream. You have to chase it. It has to be something that you chase after," he said.

The forum was successful in lighting a spark for students who have no plans after high school. And, it accelerated the flames for those who already have plans for college.

"It's always good to have that extra push to want to go to college, to want to be greater, and to do better things for myself," said Shayleana Randle, Central Tech Senior.

The motivational summit lasted about three hours,but GE Transportation hopes the message presented there lasts a lifetime.


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