Roberts Trucking in North East is a success story in these rough economic times. Business has been good this past year.  In August, the company doubled it's work space, opening an additional 150,000 square feet.  It also added employees.

"As of march, we had 130 employees. Today, we have 229 and we're looking at adding 50 more. So that's a big jump for a time when most companies aren't adding people like that," saus Kari Moore, Operations Manager.

The jobs are available.  But, getting qualified people to work at the company has been a problem.

"We've tried everything," said Moore. "We've done Craig's List. We've done newspapers. We've done social networking. We have an employee referral program."

Now, Roberts Trucking is trying something different.  They're using television ads to attract people to "a recruitment day" this weekend.  Prospective employees can tour the complex, talk with company representatives, and fill out a job application.

"We actually have more openings in the warehouse than we do in the trucking. But we're looking for regional, over the road, local truck drivers. We're looking for mechanics. We're looking for fork lift operators, office personnel. All kinds of stuff, a little bit of everything," Moore said.

Roberts Trucking hopes the open house will solve their problem of too many jobs, not enough workers.   It's a problem many companies across the country would love to have.

The open house will be held Saturday from 9am to 1pm. Roberts Trucking is located on Route 89, just north of I-90 in North East.