Glenwood Heights is a place where you find nice homes and nice people.  You would think it would be one of the quietest neighborhoods in the city.

"You would think so. But lately it hasn't been," says Judy Heid. Heid lives in Glenwood Heights. Her home has been targeted twice by a thief or thieves.  On July 4, a person cut through a screen window, reached in, and removed a laptop computer.

And yesterday, in broad daylight, a young man opened a patio door, broke a window that leads to the dining room, and somehow crawled through.  Fortunately, the burglar was scared away when Heid's son drove up to the house.  Break-ins are on the rise in Glenwood Heights. And Heid has this to say to her Glenwood neighbors.

"I want everybody to know to watch out for each other. Because there's a lot of trees. A lot of woods. A lot of bushes. We just need to watch," she said.

Jim Sawyer has also noticed the rise in crime in the neighborhood.

"It has heated up lately. I don't know if it has to do with the economy, if these people are desperate," he says.                                                                                                           

Sawyer and others in Glenwood Heights are taking action. They're reviving a Neighborhood Watch program.

"By getting that started and getting people more aware of what's happening on that, we would be on top of some of these, be more vigilant, or just prevent some of the things that are happening, or to stop a criminal from wanting to come up to this neighborhood," Sawyer said.

Neighbors are banding together. Hopefully what happened at Judy Heid's house will not be such a frequent occurrence in Glenwood Heights.