Work continues on Eriez Magnetics' new factory on Wager Road in Millcreek. Business is booming and there's no more room at the company's long-time location on Asbury Road. An additional location is badly needed.

Mike Mankosa is the company's VP of Operations. "What will be done over there is just a continuation of what we do here," he said from his Asbury headquarters. "Same sort of manufacturing. We just need more space and more people to keep up with the workload."

When Eriez Magnetics announced in June that it purchased the 10,000 square foot building , it said only 30 additional employees would be hired. That number is now at 80. Good news about the local economy keeps getting better.

"These would be manufacturing jobs," Mankosa said. "We're looking for welders, machinists, sheet metal workers for our factory. We'll be looking for design drafters, engineers, production managers, purchasing people. Everything you can imagine that's required to sustain the growing business."

The new employees are needed soon. The company wants them to begin work when renovations to the new building are completed.

"Our goal is for the end of the year. We want to be operational by the first part of next year," says Pat Matters, Facilities Manager.

The building used to be home to Johnson Controls and then the logistics firm DHL. It's been vacant since 2008.

"We had to clear a lot of stuff off walls. Clean them all. All the walls had to be repainted. All the ceilings were all gutted out. New grid work is installed. All the flooring is being replaced," Matters said.

Everything is going well with renovating the new building. The only problem, company officials foresee, is finding the skilled workers to fill those new jobs. But, they say they were always committed to expanding in Erie.

"We plan to be here for a long time.   So we always think it's good news if we're bringing in good manufacturing jobs to the Erie community," says Mankosa.

Eriez Magnetics makes separation equipment for mining and other businesses. It currently employs 350 workers at it's Asbury facility, and 900 others worldwide.