Inside Green Prosthetics and Orthotics, Warton Gates takes his new leg for a test drive.  He's been coming here ever since his leg was amputated below the knee as a baby.  His relationship with the people here is more than just business.

"Michelle has been here since I've been like six months old so, it's great.  Every time I come back they treat me like family," said Gates.

Warton walks just as well as the rest of us.  And this is why owner Michelle Loehrke loves her job.

"Knowing that you can give someone the tool to make their life better is definitely pretty rewarding," said Loehrke. 

Greens makes custom prosthetics and orthotics for hundreds of clients around the region.  But what's the difference between the two?

"A prosthetic device is something that takes the place of a missing body part.  An orthotic is something that supports a weak or deformed body part," explained Loehrke. 

In a business like this it's really all about that one on one relationship and that personalization and the customization of products.  For example, if you really wanted to, you could get a prosthetic with the steelers logo on it.

Loehrke will admit, when it comes to these custom devices, she's a perfectionist.

"All of us here really strive to find ways of making a good thing great.  We just don't settle for good enough," she said. 

And she says being able to make the right products for her customers all starts before the actual construction process.

"A lot of times it's getting on the same page as them and establishing a good communication or a good means of communication," she said.

Perhaps this is why Warton Gates drives more than two and a half hours a couple times a month for his checkups.

"It's something I have to deal with every day.  It's something that I need to be mobile, so I  wouldn't trust anybody else besides Greens," said Gates.