Sonya Arrington is the founder of Mothers Against Teen Violence. Sonya's son was shot and killed on January 5, 2010 outside the family's store. Out of her grief, she started MATV - Mothers Against Teen Violence, an organization to educate and raise awareness of the problem of teens and violence. The forty-three-year-old has organized marches, rallies, seminars and speaks in churches, detention centers etc.

More about MATV

Mother's Against Teen Violence was not just started as a good idea. It wasn't started as an awesome, amazing, or great idea. It was sadly a necessary reality for the Arrington Family, with Mother of victim Steve Arrington II taking up the cause to front-line and call for the stopping on teen violence. Sonya Arrington speaks regularly at many community functions: schools from elementary to high school ages, colleges and universities, churches and many more organizations who will listen to a mother, state the the hardest case for change. The mere fact that her son has pass does not stop her from saving every teen she can get within ear's range.

"MATV was started due to the tragic loss of my baby and only son, Steve Arrington II. He was brutally shot five (5) times and killed coming out of a family convenience store, January 5th, 2010. The tragic loss of my own child left me wanting to save as many youth and parent from the same senseless violence that has left a hole in my family's heart for life."

Today MATV grows in strength, number and reach, all to  STOP THE VIOLENCE.