Heatron is a company that's gone through many changes over time.  It started in specialty ceramics back in the late 1940s.

Today around 70 employees work inside their building on Nathan Dr. making custom heating elements and LED lighting assemblies.

When it comes to heating, they dabble in all kinds of products.  Appliances in fast food restaurants, medical devices, aerospace, and more.

"Any place you need heat that requires a custom engineered solution.  Not an off the shelf, high volume coffee warmer plate for a $20 appliance but more targeted to solving a specific solution," said engineering manager Rich Giardina.

Their biggest selling products include coffee cup warmers used in first class in air planes.

They make so many different LED and heating components both big and small.  They even make flexible heating assemblies that wrap around the handgrips of Harley-Davidson motorcycles to keep your hands warm.

When it comes to LEDs they can make anything from tiny lights for surgical tools all the way to streets lights and wing lights on airplanes.  They take pride in finding solutions.

"What we really like to do is solve problems in a nimble, efficient and elegant way.  I'm in the engineering group and I manage technical people and that's our bread and butter," said Giardina. 

"I like challenging things.  That's what I do and I like challenging things.  Anything that's challenging and resistor material is very challenging to make it work," said production coordinator Nancy Morad. 

Something you'll find a lot of inside Heatron that many manufacturers have shied away from these days; hands on work.

"The hands on work is beautiful because it keeps America moving.  Robots are good in some capacity, but they could cause us to lose jobs or make us more apt to create better jobs," said associate Earnestine Ulmer. 

And with all their hard working employees this global company plans to continue lighting and heating the way to success.