It's rough, rowdy, and downright physical. 

It's called roller derby and for decades, women have participated in the sport, showcasing their athletic endurance.

In 2009, the sport made it's way to Erie following a post on Facebook.

Katrina Putnam - AKA "Roid Rage"- helped bring the team to life.

"It's something that Erie definitely needs," said Putnam.  "So we just decided to start one here and it just took off."

The Eerie Roller Girls started out as a small group destined to bring a new level of athleticism to our area.

"We just came and started with basic skills...there were girls in rental skates, we weren't as strict on your (safety) requirements," said Putnam.  "Then we had someone lose a tooth and break an elbow and we're like, enough is enough."

With over 35 players, the team has steadily grown.  They travel from state to state, competing in bouts.

"As far as raw talent goes, this it the league with the most raw talent I've ever encountered." said Eerie Roller Girls Coach Karoline Swanson.

According to Swanson, even though the Erie team is relatively new, the future is looking bright.

"To me as a coach, just to be able to get them to the next level to where, when I played with Cleveland, we were the top 10 in the country," said Swanson.  "I see Erie getting into the top 20 in the next year or two. I would not doubt that."

When the team isn't competing, they are busy helping raise donations for local groups like the Second Harvest Food Bank.

"The future is looking pretty solid for us," said Putnam.  "We're trying to also have enough for a B team, and have a couple of doubleheaders. And then, just go from there. Get part of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and become amongst the best in the nation. I guess that's the ultimate goal for us."