An Erie police patrolman is recognized as February's officer of the month.
Wednesday, District Attorney Jack Daneri honored Don Sornberger as Erie county's officer of the month.
He's been on the Erie police force for more than 12 years.
Chief Franklin describes him as a hardworking officer, deserving of this award.

"It's nice that the citizens recognize this, just for going out there and doing my job." Said Officer Sornberger.

"Police officers are out there in the front lines, they are right there, the first responders and they do an excellent job and this is just another fine example of that." Said Chief Franklin.

"These are the people that are on the streets day in and day out. And as we look to curb violence and address, it these are the ones that are on the front line. So it says a lot about Don and the work he's going that the citizens thought to nominate him." Said Daneri.

You can now nominate an officer for March, just head to