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It's Friday the Thirteenth, Are You Superstitious?

    Seeing a black cat. Not walking under a ladder. Breaking a mirror. Not stepping on a crack. These are all superstitions that many of us have on a normal day.

    But its Friday the Thirteenth, and according to Scott Bea of the Cleveland Clinic, many times those superstitions get taken to a whole other level on this day.

  "People on Friday the Thirteenth start avoiding things," said Bea. "They don't go to work, they don't go spend money, they don't make major decisions, they won't buy a house, they won't get married, they won't go out to eat."

   In fact, it is estimated that an average eight hundred million dollars is lost each Friday the Thirteenth due to the nearly twenty one million people who fear this day and elect to not do much of anything.

   But some like Betti-Jo Townsend and Matt Mace do not buy into the bad luck that this day brings.

    "I actually think its a pretty unique day, I just don't have any superstitious feelings about it," said Townsend. "If you break a mirror, I'm going to be upset, but Friday 13th is just kind of a day."

  "It just really gets inside people's heads and its consistent throughout the day," said Mace. "So people think bad things are going to happen to them so they do."

     However, many people still like Townsend and Mace do have superstitions, even though they don't believe that one day in specific makes everything worse.

     "I'm the salt-over-the-shoulder kind of person," said Townsend. "I don't walk under ladders, those kinds of superstitions."

    "Certain things before Pens games, Steeler games, those kinds," said Mace. "I wear the same thing or the same jerseys."

     Now we've already had one Friday the Thirteenth back in January, and we actually have another coming up in July. And there are thirteen weeks in between each of those Fridays. Spooky, right?

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