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Presque Isle Gets Cleaned Up

   Presque Isle is a place that many tourist and Erie natives enjoy. But what we do not enjoy is all the trash. So Saturday, around 900 volunteers took to the park to help cleanup.

    "Every spring for the last 56 years we have coordinated this spring cleanup in order for the community to come out here and cleanup the beaches along with the bay sides and just to get the whole park nice and clean," said Organizer of Presque Isle Spring Cleanup Stacey Marendt.

    This year, more trash was on the beach because of the mild winter. Trash not only from our area, but from across the lake was deposited on our shores. And this trash is not only a problem for us, but for the wildlife that call Presque Isle home.

    "Trash that's floating around in the water, fish and ducks can eat that and it can get caught in their intestines. And you can actually kill a lot of wildlife," said Marendt.

    Another concern? How the beaches will look to those tourist that will be coming once the weather gets warmer.

    "Its nice that when the actual season opens up and actual visitors come," said volunteer of the Boy Scouts Troop 9 at St. Luke's Robert Magoon. "It'll be clean for them and it'll show that Erie is a nice place to come visit. So we like to make our town look nice."

   Picking up trash on a cold, rainy Saturday may not be the idea of fun, but for those volunteers that came out, it is important.

     "This is such a good resource that we have in Erie to keep clean," said volunteer Carrie Rospierski. "Its amazing to see the stuff that people bring to the beach and dispose of. Its really sad some of the things that came through here today."

     Volunteers today said that everyone should be responsible for picking up their own garbage when they litter. Trash needs to go in the appropriate receptacles around the park.

    There will be another cleanup event this September when International Coastal Cleanup Day occurs.  But organizers said that you do not need a specific day to pick up trash.

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