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Election Officials Hoping For Good Voter Turnout

The weather could impact what's expected to be an already bleak turn-out on election day.

Elections officials are hoping for a good turnout, but with rainy, potentially even snowy weather for some spots on election day, they're not overly optimistic.

Voter turnout is typically high, with a presidential race on the ballot.
But with Rick Santorum dropping out of the race, and wet weather in the forecast, numbers are predicted to be a bit lower.
Even so, local election officials say there are a lot of local races to get excited about.
Like the State Senate race, US Congress, and State Representative.
Joe Giles is on the Erie county election board, he says no matter what your party is... He has one easy message.

"Vote, always vote. Even if there are two people on the ballot, you have a choice. And in this case there are many choices, and a lot of them are interesting." Said Giles.

And while the presidential race is of course important, Giles says it's these local races that really have an impact on Erie county citizens.

These are your neighbors, these are the people across the street from you. These are the people that impact, whether it's the roads or everything besides the roads, they affect everyone's lives." Giles added.

And, make sure to turn in to Newswatch at Noon and 12News at 12:30, We'll have a live report with how the day's shaping up at the polls in terms of voter turnout.
We'll of course continue our coverage into the evening broadcasts.

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