Conneaut Lake Park is a busy place, as workers and volunteers prepare for the park's 120th season, starting next weekend.

The park has faced problems including financial woes and a major fire in the past. But the Board of Trustees, that oversees the park,  believes steady progress over the past 3 years is reason for opitmism.

 Crews were busy today preparing new docks at the Beach Club and continuing renovations at the Hotel Conneaut. And again this year, workers are putting more new track on the park's best known attraction, the Blue Streak rollercoaster.

 And today, a large number of Conneaut Lake High school students were painting rides in Kiddieland as part of a community service project.

Teacher Jeff Hans said, "If the park does well, the entire community does well and it's good to have the kids invested in the park and the park doing well."

Operators say nearly all the rides at the park will be open for the start of the season next week.