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Let's Move Outside! Girl Scouts Offer Letterboxing on Trails

Letterboxing is an activity that mixes art with adventure.

The concept is simple: go online to get clues about where to find the letterbox, then visit each trail to see every one.

Before you hit the trails, you and your family create a personal stamp.  That stamp showcases something your family is known for.  Then, when you get to a letterbox, you'll stamp your signature stamp into the letterbox to prove you've been there.

After you put your stamp in the letterbox, each trail has it's own individual stamp you put in your book to show you've been there.

You can fill your personal notebook with the stamps from all 10 trails across Erie County, as a permanent reminder of the trails you've walked.

Then everybody else who visits the trails and finds the letterboxes, will see you've been there.

"It's an easy way for families to get out and spend a day hiking the trails," said Franne Kelly, who works with the Girl Scouts of Northwestern Pennsylvania.  "It's a great way to see all the trails that are available in Erie County."

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