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Let's Move Outside! in North East and Harborcreek

North East, Pennsylvania may be known for its beautiful views, but there is also a rich history behind it.

So when they had the chance to set up a trail for the "Let's Move Outside!" program, officials there jumped on the opportunity to showcase their past.

The 1.5 mile trail stretches through downtown North East, And the historical places along the way show the hard work of past generations.

"Sometimes you think 'what difference can my actions make,?'" said Summer Mobilia, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce in North East.  "When you take a walk on this trail, you're looking at things that took many generations to build and to me, that gives us hope for the future."

Not far from historic North East is Harborcreek, which offers a more rural trail.

The 1.1 mile trail in Harborcreek stretches through a wooded area, wooded areas that many people, even locals, didn't know existed.

"So many people even in Harborcreek 'Oh I didn't know we had such a great trail system here in Harborcreek,'" said Harborcreek Township Supervisor Tim May.

But they have more to offer than just the woods.

"To get out and enjoy that you've got your shopping but half a mile away you've got your parks," he said.

And while they have a lot to offer, it's who you'll meet when you're in the township that makes it a great place to visit.

"It's almost more of a feeling of just the people of Harborcreek," he said.  "It's a great place to live, work and play."

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