A new harvester is helping to clear weeds that cause problems for boaters and swimmers at Conneaut Lake.

The Conneaut Lake Aquatic Management Association spent $135,000 for the machine that cuts the weeds. They are then moved by conveyor to a dump truck to be hauled away. The new machine replaces a 15 year old harvester that was showing it's age and needed to be replaced.

 Karen Styborski of CLAMA said, "Our old machine was about 15 years old. So we were having a lot of maintenance issues and this year it probably would not have even lasted so we needed to replace it with a new one. This has even greater effectiveness. We won't have all the repairs so we won't have all the down time we have been having for awhile."

 The association continues to seek donations, hoping to buy a barge to move the weeds ashore, allowing the harvester to work longer at the actual cutting.