A 13-year veteran of the Erie Bureau of Police is now the Officer of the Month for July 2012.

He is Patrolman Charles Fuhrman. Chief Steve Franklin calls Fuhrman "an excellent officer," that he has known for all 13 years of his Erie career, watching him grow from a rookie to a seasoned street officer.

"I work for a great department, work with a lot of dedicated officers," says Fuhrman, who admits that he was surprised when told that he was receiving the award.

The District Attorney's office in partnership with WICU 12 supports the Officer of the Month program as a small way to say thank you to the men and women who protect and serve our community every day.

"I'm certainly glad to be able to give these awards to these officers who day in and day out do a great job," Daneri told us.

You can see past honorees by going to www.wicu12.com and looking under "New This Month."