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Employer of the Year Nominee: The Warren Company

When it comes to steel products and services, you won't find too many places locally that have been around as long as The Warren Company.

They've been around since 1913, making this their 100th year of service.

"It's amazing to think that you've been around a 100 years," said Warren Company Co-owner Bob Warren.  "It means a lot."

Bob and his sister Wendy Warren are the fourth generation owners of the company.  They currently employ 67 workers, providing fabrication and steel services to over 1,200 customers.

"We are a steel service center first.  That is 75 percent of our business," said Mr. Warren.  "We just warehouse steel materials, sheets, plates, high beams, those kind of things...and deliver them to local customers around the area."

Inside of the 160,000 square foot warehouse, the sound of lazer cutting through steel is commonplace.

But one thing that really stands out, is a massive crane that is used, to store over 3,000 items, on 35 foot racks.

"We do have regular customers," said Mr. Warren.  "We go from customers that are like GE, to Erie Magnetics, to H.A.N.D.S., to the farmer that is out in the middle of no where."

Both Bob and Wendy say they are honored to be nominated for "Employer of the Year."

The winner will be announced at the Economic Development Corporation's annual dinner on January 17th.

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