Food Wine Description Why The Pairing Works
Oysters  Seyval Mildly tart white wine with a hint of grapefruit or green apples Tartness of the wine kicks up the rich flavor of the oysters much like lemon juice.
Shrimp Cocktail Sauvignon Blanc Dry, grassy intense white wine The acidity pairs well with cocktail sauce and balances the sweet flavor of fresh shrimp
Salad with Fruit and Cheese Riesling Fruity, light bodied white with floral apricot and peach notes Riesling plays well off of cheese, fruits and delicate greens where drier whites may be too acidic.
Spiral Ham Gewürztraminer A complex, dry somewhat spicy white This spicy white brightens the sweet and salty flavors of this classic holiday dish.
Roasted  Turkey  Riesling or Lemberger The Riesling works because it is light enough to agree with a wide variety of flavors. Lemberger stands up to heavily seasoned food without competing for attention.
Prime Rib of Beef Cabernet Sauvignon Deep rich, red wine with mild to strong tannins and velvety texture This rich wine seasons the meat with just the right amount of acid to make each bite perfect.
Pork Tenderloin Riesling or Syrah Both of these wines add a sweet element that compliments pork's natural savory and salty flavors.
Roasted Rack of Lamb Pinot Noir Spicy cloves and cherries, red This fruity wine rounds out the gamey flavors of lamb.
Duck Breast Merlot smooth red, dry finish, black cherry Fruity quality of merlot soften the savory, gaminess of this rich meat.
Roasted Chicken Chardonnay Buttery, pear and apple notes, balanced white Basic roasted chicken can go with many wines, but chardonnay gives it dimension without being overpowering.
Salmon Chardonnay Buttery, pear and apple notes, balanced white Full flavored fish needs a big white to cut through its rich flavor without getting lost.
Pierogi Cabernet Franc Roasted red pepper and prune with oakey, spicy tones full bodied red, is mineral and bright, making this an excellent pairing balancing the rich flavors of pierogi