Welcome to the Beast Blog! I'm so excited to support the Barber National Institute by running, jumping, climbing and crawling my way through the military- inspired obstacle course on Presque Isle.

Click here for more information on the Barber Beast on the Bay

On this blog I will detail my training week by week, and give you some tips so you can follow along with me, but first I have to give a big thank you to the Barber Center, Executive Personal Fitness and the stations of Lilly Broadcasting (WICU/WSEE) for supporting me through this challenge.

I'm going to start with a disclaimer: I've kind of taken a back seat with running lately, due to some hip and knee problems. I feel like I'm kind of starting from scratch with this whole thing… so if I can do it, anyone can!

The countdown is on to Saturday, September 7… 158 days to go! Get your running shoes on and let's get started!