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Week 2: "It Won't Get Easier"

So I thought the first week was hard, but this week the real challenge began! I clocked an hour with Lisa at Executive Personal Fitness– which according to my trainer Lisa is equivalent to four hours in the gym on your own! That's because when you're at the gym by yourself you're much less likely to push yourself and stay on task (how many times do you check your Facebook or text when you're working out? I'm guilty!)

There were several times during my session this week that I didn't think I could finish all the reps, but Lisa coached me through it and I made it my goal just to finish, no matter how ugly it looked. She also gave me this slightly concerning warning: it won't get easier. Yes, I'll get stronger, but as I progress I will continue to increase reps and weights, so don't get too comfortable. If a certain exercise is starting to feel easier, keep pushing yourself.

This week I had Lisa double as a photographer so you can get a visual of some of the circuits I did in the slide show.

I targeted pretty much all of my leg muscles with a fun (anytime Lisa says fun she means painful, same goes here) move, using the half exercise ball. Good cardio too! I did 3×15 jumps side to side over the ball.

I really tested my ab strength with this next one… I laid back on an incline bench for situps, which seems simple enough but here's the catch: I had to hold a weight ball straight up in the air the whole time, and the goal was not to let it move. As most things I've done in training so far, it's harder than it seems!

Triceps are going to be key on race day, for crawling and lifting myself up over obstacles. Dips are a great way to target the muscle and get a nice burn pretty quickly. I did 3×15 reps. If you don't have a bench, you can do this exercise on the floor too, just make sure you keep your butt up.

To strengthen the core, an area that Lisa stresses as crucial for both running stamina and obstacle domination! (or at least not falling on my face when I attempt an obstacle). Planks, planks and more planks in all different forms are becoming a part of every session. Hold it long enough and You'll feel it in your whole body… arms, shoulders, back, abs, legs, and butt.

Trainer's Tip: Finish every strength workout with some protein. I replenish with Nature's Bounty protein powder… I think I was mainly drawn to it for it "decadent chocolate" flavor, but it has a lot of vitamins packed into the mix. I like to shake it up with Soy milk for extra protein and a creamy taste. Mmmmmm drink up!

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