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Week 3: "It's a Mental Battle"

I'm starting to see a pattern here… every session gets more challenging! This latest workout was pretty tough for me, and it took me awhile to finish some of the reps, but I think the most important thing is to finish, even if it doesn't look too pretty at the end. For example, I had to do 80 reps of a flutter kick to target the abs, and I had to take it in increments of 10. Obviously it would be ideal to do 80 in a row without stopping, and that's the goal– but sometimes you have to take it slow, especially the first time you're trying something. I'm okay with that!

I did a few different circuits today, and Lisa said the goal was to work quickly through three exercises, four times, to get a cardio burst along with the strength training. It's all about working up to the race, and both aspects will be equally important!

I started off with a circuit of burpees, and hip hinges and leg lifts on the bench. Really felt it in the abs and hamstrings.

Hip hinges target the hamstrings and butt. You can add weight if you want to make it more challenging, just hold a weight plate to your chest.

"Rabbit chasers" are a more intense form of mountain climbers, where you try to bring your foot up to the outside of your hand on each jump. I will not share photos of this marvelous task yet, because I am far from having good form! Lisa included these in another circuit, along with a straight- arm plank and some more knee-to-elbow hanging cruches.

As always, push ups were part of the plan: three different types. I did tricep push- ups, where you keep your elbows in to isolate the tricep muscle. I then graduated to push ups using a weighted ball, which was a whole new level of difficult. This is all so different from any training I have ever done, but testing yourself and pushing your limits is rewarding.

More use of the weighted ball… squats with 25 pounds. It got harder and harder to keep good form as I went but the deeper the squat the better for all those leg muscles and hip flexors.

Never end a workout without my favorite, the foam roller. Remember, good for the IT band, and getting rid of that lactic acid burn.

Trainer's Tip: When training, work at 70%. Lisa said "if you go at 100% all the time, you will die." She sounded pretty serious so I'm gonna take her advice…. because as she said on day one, the goal is to survive!

Photo credit to Lisa who continues to double as a photographer, always getting my sweaty side.

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