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Week 5: "We're Taking it Up a Level"

I walked into Executive Personal Fitness to find out that I was headed right back outside... back to the sandpit for round two! After how challenging the first time was, I was apprehensive to get back into the ring so quickly. I thought maybe we'd have a nice clean indoor session since I faced the pit last week, but no such luck.

In a lot of ways the second time in the pit was harder-- I did more reps, more laps, and more exercises. As Lisa said, we took it up a level this time. In some ways it seemed a little easier though... not easy, by any means, but I can feel myself getting stronger, and every time I train I feel like I'm building up my mental strength, too. There are times when I want to stop halfway or cut down on laps, but I'm able to push myself in a way that I haven't been able to in a very long time. I still think it would be highly unlikely that I could finish this kind of workout without Lisa in my ear, and on race day I'll have to keep her voice in my head the whole way through!

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff. I never knew how much you could do in the sand! Lisa continues to come up with new ways to put me in pain make me stronger, and this week didn't disappoint. We started with agility drills for a warm up, using a football ladder in the sand. 

in the sand. I did different variations back and forth, jumping in and out the whole way up and back, then jumping side to side in the ladder. I also got my arms warmed up by doing a walking plank through the ladder.

Next up we did a little cardio, which I am incorporating little by little as I will have to run 12 miles (this still seems daunting) on the day of the Beast. To start, I ran laps in the parking lot carrying a 20 pound bag of, you guessed it, sand. I ran forward and backward, with Lisa guiding me so I didn't injure myself (this is a necessity don't do it alone!). By the end of the session I graduated to running laps on the sand, carrying the sand bag. I felt it majorly in my back, but I guess that's a good thing, since it's one of my weaker points.

There was no shortage of push ups, as per usual, and Lisa spiced them up by having me do them on various objects around the lot. I did push ups around a circular concrete thing (really don't know how else to describe it, see the picture in the slide show), I did push ups on tires, and I did pushups in the sand. Oh yeah, and I did a push up test, so I can track my progress. Unfortunately for my arms, this test came at the end of my session, when they were not exactly at their best! I pushed out 21 of them, so that's my starting point. Here's hoping I get to 100!

I can tell that Lisa is trying to push me to my limits, every time I think I'm almost done there's something else and it's always harder! But this is a good thing. Even if it hurts in the moment, afterward it always feels really good knowing that I got through it, and that it's making me just a little bit stronger. Make sure you click through the slide show to see what else we did this week… happy training!

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