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Under the Hat: Slippery Slope

My irritation was surpassed only by a sense of sadness this week as I watched a national news network go about its business of covering the news of the day.

The anchor went on about two major stories that their crews were scrambling to cover.

The first was the devastation in Moore Oklahoma where a killer tornado nearly two miles wide killed 24, injured hundreds and leveled wide areas.

It is a tragedy not only in terms of human loss but also in the $2.2 billion dollars of damage wrought.

It is an event that will test the souls of the survivors and it will take years before those areas recover.

What other story could deserve equal billing, splitting the air time that would otherwise be devoted to detailing the often heartbreaking work of rescue crews looking to care for both the living and the dead?

Jody Arias, the young woman convicted of murder who was about to address jurors in the death penalty phase of the case.

Don't get me wrong. A life was lost and a decision was coming as to whether an eye for an eye is justified.

But let's face facts. Jody Arias is a national sensation because the 24-hour news cable operations made her a national sensation.

Cases like these are played out in courtrooms all over the country with far less fanfare.

As Americans it's essential that we know what's happening, in our courts and in our society.

But turning real life tragedy into soap opera drama, though, is another story.

And equating the devastation of Oklahoma with the circus that has become the Arias coverage just may show how far down the slippery slope we have slid.

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