For the residents off of Crane Road in Edinboro, it came without warning.

Josh Karickhoff describes the moment, when he realized something was wrong.

"There was just things getting thrown all over the place," said Karickhoff.  "Trees were tipping, our trailer, we have a big trailer sitting over there, it was shaking back and forth.  Just stuff blowing, I couldn't belive it."

His family lives in the area where initial reports indicate that a possible tornado touched down, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

Josh's father Jeff Karickhoff walked us through their backyard, to show us the damage left behind.  Specifically, a massive tree that was uprooted.

"I don't know if it was a confirmed tornado or what, but to uproot a tree like that, I've tried to pull stumps out with a tractor and can't move them," said Mr. Karickhoff.  "For it to pull a tree over and leave a hole like that, I have to say it was pretty severe."

Mr. Karickhoff must now sift through the debris, to determine how severe the damage truly is.

"We have some other debris that's 70 yards from where it was," said Mr. Karickhoff.  "We went looking for it and it's 70 yards away from where it was sitting.  So it definitely had some power."

Josh Karickhoff tells us despite the destruction, there's a touch of irony...

"I was reading something about two days ago, after the Oklahoma tornadoes, and it said Erie was the second safest city in the United States,"  said Josh Karickhoff.  "I never would have imagined."

As of right now, no word on the extent of the damage throughout the area.  We will continue to follow this situation and bring you the very latest as it develops.