A scientific experiment gone terribly wrong...as 16 students and faculty members at Allegheny College were rushed to the hospital with respiratory injuries.

But, there's a catch.  It's only a drill.

On Tuesday, it was a chaotic scene, inside of the Doane Hall of Chemistry on Allegheny's campus.   Students and emergency workers took part in a chemical explosion simulation.  Those involved, dressed in costume and displayed serious injuries.  They were then rescued by firefighters.

The drill is a way for Crawford County emergency workers to practice for a disaster situation.  Students that took part in the drill say, it's a great hands on experience.

"Just the fact that something like this could happen...you need to be aware of things in the lab," said chemistry student Dominick Raggi.  "You need to make sure you have all of the safety precautions taken care of.  You need to have safety training and really take lab seriously."

Over a dozen agencies took part in the drill.