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Week 12: Sand and Sun

 For the second week in a row I successfully avoided weighted clothing! Everything I do feels so much easier (not easy, just not impossibly difficult) without 35 extra pounds on me.

Once again we were working on strength and cardio intervals, mostly outside. Every time training is outside in the heat it makes me really really pray that race day is in the mid sixties with a light rain the night before to pack down the sand. But since I can't control the weather I have to practice in all conditions and I guess a little got is better than a downpour. In September in Erie the weather could really do anything.

 I met up with an old friend this week: the ergometer. If you're not familiar with it, it's a rowing machine. I was a rower in high school and college, and as I told Lisa, I used to do 90 minute and two hour stretches on the erg. There's no way I could ever hope to do that now.

Lisa only had me do it for five minutes, and I couldn't even keep it at the power she wanted. Granted it was more than half way into the workout and I was already fatigued, but seriously? Kind of sad. Don't underestimate the erg though- it is a full body workout, and when you're already tired, it's hard to push yourself to engage every muscle and keep up a good pace. Hopefully this won't become a regular part of our routine...

  More tire flipping and army crawling met me outside, along with laps and a couple other moves you'll see in the slideshow.

   Probably the most difficult part of the session, even harder than my brief struggle with the erg, was wearing a band around my waist and trying to sprints while Lisa pulled me back.  I did ten sprints, and to date it was the most winded I've gotten at a session. I was really cared she was going to lose her grip and give me the worst rubber band snap of my life, but luckily the only pain I felt was the burning in my legs. Unfortunately this move couldn't be photographically documented as Lisa was a part of the exercise.

   I can't avoid the sand run any longer- next week Lisa and I are meeting at the beach to get one under my belt. I think if I'm forces to face my fear ill realize that it's not so scary, and hopefully we can start slow and build over the next couple months. Can't believe there's less than three til race day!

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