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Under the Hat: Hot Air

I've never gotten deeply involved in the Global Warming debate. It's not that I don't care about the environment, I do.

It just seems to me that we all have to do our best to be good stewards of the planet, regardless of whether global warming is a real threat or if the planet can heal itself from the injuries her human dwellers inflict.

In that regard there's a lot of hot air coming from both sides of the argument and hopefully both sides would agree that the one thing the world does not need is more hot air.

That brings us to this week where the top topic of conversation has been the hot air.

It's hot, sticky muggy air that saps your strength.

Hot, sticky and muggy air that drips sweat into your eyes and makes your shirt weigh about 20 pounds.

Hot, sticky and muggy air that has folks running inside buildings only to extend their arms, close their eyes and lift their faces skyward in a collective "Aaaahhh!" that is air conditioning.

This year it just seems like when it was winter, it was really winter and it wasn't going away soon.

That was followed by the rains, weeks and weeks of rain that ended golf outings, canceled picnics and threatened to turn the entire summer into one swampy mess.

Now comes the heat, and once again we get too much of a good thing as the temperatures soar and the tempers shorten, and just like the cold winter and soggy spring, it leaves many saying "Enough already!"

Maybe there's something to that global warming thing after all.

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