The death of local teenager Alyssa Josephine O'Neill continues to inspire others. The spirit of the #AJO movement and paying it forward as spread to the Zac Brown Band. 

Her parents, Sarah and Jason, said that Alyssa had an epileptic seizure right before seeing the band in Pittsburgh and missed the concert earlier this year. 

The Grammy-winning band heard, and now plans to pay it forward. 

ZBB saw a cover video of Alyssa singing her favorite song, "Free." The band was so moved by the story that they plan to dedicate a special version of that song to Alyssa, at their December 13th concert at the Erie Insurance Arena. 

They've also invited Alyssa's parents and Sean Gallagher, the friend who she made the video with, to be special guests of honor at the concert. 

It all started when Alyssa died from a seizure before getting the chance to try Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte. Instead, her parents bought lattes for strangers, asking only that the coffee shop write "AJO" on the cups. And, that people pay forward the act of kindness. 

"Alyssa was a great person. She would be constantly helping friends out," said Jason O'Neill, Alyssa's dad in an interview last week. "I think what Alyssa did was that she made everybody around her a better person. I know she made us better people."

The #AJO movement as spread around the world on social media. Her parents say that while it is certainly about remembering Alyssa, it's also about spreading awareness for epilepsy.