Millcreek leaders are hoping to move forward with upgrades to emergency services in the township.

It was the topic of discussion tonight, during the supervisors meeting.

Supervisors are hoping to upgrade the Relco emergency lights at many of the intersections.  You may notice, when you drive through an intersection, there are white-tubular lights...which are for emergency workers.

As of now, many of those lights don't work.  Supervisors say that it poses a major hazard.  Five municipalities have teamed up with Erie County Council and Millcreek Community Hospital to help fund the project.  So far, they have $230,000. 

Supervisors say the project, is crucial.

"For Millcreek, it is very important to be able to get there in a timely manner, and be able to get people to the hospital in a timely manner."" said Millcreek Supervisor Joe Kujawa.

The bids for this project will be open on Friday.