After months of discussion, the Corry School Board is closing Spartansburg and Conelway Elementary Schools.

The board unanimously voted in favor of the closures on Tuesday evening.

According to Corry Schools Superintendent William Nichols, the district will eventually save an estimated $700,000 a year.  But a main factor behind closures--declining enrollment.

"That's really where it comes into play," said Nichols.  "The board built two buildings here in the past six or seven years that house all of the elementary students and that becomes possible because we have a declining enrollment of 35% over a period of time, so it's certainly part of it."

A new concern for many parents is transportation.

"The busing does remain an issue and it's a huge concern for a lot of parents," said concerned parent Andrea Chelton.  "The far side of the district and the other side of Spartansburg is over 20 miles from Columbus Elementary where the third and fifth graders will be going."

But board members say that in addition to ''stabilized classes," it will actually make for less complicated bus routes.

"Our administration team has worked diligently," said Corry School Board President Dr. Dorris Gernovich.  "The teachers have worked overtime to make this all work as smoothly as possible."

The closures will take place next school year.