It appears the historic Waterford Covered Bridge will be getting a new lease on life.

The bridge, built in 1875, has been closed for the past 3 years. An inspection this week revealed the concrete supports and sub-structure of the bridge need to be replaced. And repairs are needed to the top half of the bridge.

 State, local, and federal officials appear to be ready to move forward with the work once all the plans and engineering studies are completed.

 Waterford Township Supervisor Bruce Coffin said, "A majority of the bridge, especially  the top structure would pretty much be as it is now. They would take it apart, piece by piece. They would replace pieces determined to be bad and then reassemble the top part of the structure as it is."

 A study of the impact of the work on mussels in LeBoeuf Creek, under the bridge, must be completed before any work can start. Engineering studies must also be completed.

 A cost estimate is not yet available. The state and federal government will pay for the work.