This weekend's annual Festival of Birds showcases Presque Isle as a "hot spot" for bird watching. And its popularity just keeps growing.

And  this time of the year is "prime time" for spotting many of the estimated 320 species of birds that visit Presque Isle.

 Many birds that spend the winter in the tropics are now migrating north. And Presque Isle is the perfect place for them to stop and rest before they fly across Lake Erie.

 Of course bird watchers know that. So a lot of them are now busy with their binoculars at the park.

 Bird watcher Jamie Hill said, "It is the best, it is the best. And on a really good day like this week, probably 150 different bird species will be seen. This is one of the most popular birding spots in the entire Northeastern United States."

Many people travel long distances to see the birds at the peninsula, with  and social media helping to spread the word.