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Runners Trek 10,000 Miles Across Country For Sarcoma Research

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ERIE- For Landon Cooper, it’s a fight for the human race and a race for the cure.

Landon, Naeha Breeland, Everett Smith, and Mary Flinders make up team "Miles 2 Give." They are running 10,000 miles around the perimeter of the United States to raise money for Sarcoma.

"To dedicate 8 months of your life, that's almost an entire year to dedicate to one cause,” Lana Mkrtyeheva says. “To stop everything you're doing and be completely dedicated to this is incredible to me."

They began their trek on April 29th, 2014. On Tuesday they made a pit stop to Erie's “Panache” Spa and Salon for some pampering.

"It’s actually our first time getting a little bit of body work done,” Coopers says. “It's never going to be about the runners, it's never going to be about the miles. It's about the miles that produce the needed research for Sarcoma.”

Sarcoma is a type of cancer that develops in connective tissues, like fat, bone or muscle.

Each leg of the way, they dedicate the day to someone directly affected by the disease. On their journey across the country, hundreds of people sign their names on the walls of the team’s RV.

For Landon, it’s a way to stay connected to the thousands of people he meets on his year-long journey.

"To hear the stories of who we're running for and to sleep under the names on the ceiling is a very ‘to the bone’ approach,” Cooper says. “It’s basically everybody's home. It's a way that they can come in and tell their cancer story and it’s not only about these four runners that are going around the country, spreading love and inspiration and awareness. It’s truly bringing this wonderful connectivity happening worldwide."

The group has raised $16,000 so far. Their goal is $500,000. To donate, click here.
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