Not long ago, the City of Titusville had a nickname no one in the community was proud of.  It was called "The Meth Capital of Pennsylvania."  Townspeople have worked hard to dispel that reputation.  But, they are worried things may take a turn for the worse again.

 Yesterday, Titusville Police happened upon a suspected meth lab only one block from police headquarters.  Back in the early 2000s, a meth bust in Titusville was a regular occurrence. That's not the case anymore, despite yesterday's arrest. 

Officers spotted meth making materials inside an apartment house of East Spruce Street while accompanying Children and Youth personnel on a home visit.  This was the first meth bust in the City of  Titusville in about 5 years.  Titusville police worked hard to rid the city of the reputation of being "The Meth Capital."  Chief Gary Thomas says a massive public awareness campaign is responsible for a successful battle against the meth problem.  The meth makers of the past have either been arrested or moved out.

But, the chief says it's now a new generation with more refined ways to make meth.  So, the campaign against meth will continue, especially after yesterday's bust.  Townspeople do not want their city to, once again, be known by that disparaging nickname. Tom Sharp lives two houses down from the site of the latest meth bust.

"It was a point in time where if you say you're from Titusville, it was an automatic, "the meth capital." But it's calmed down over the years," he said.

Police say they arrested one person during yesterday's bust.  He was identified as Christopher Goodwill, 24.  Police say a large scale meth operation was not taking place inside the home.