JAMESTOWN, NY-- They are grapes
not for tasting--rather grapes for stomping. All they had to do was crush Spain's record of having 977 people stomp on grapes at one time. If they did, the Guinness World Record title would belong to the city of Jamestown, New York.

"How many times can you say you have a Guinness World Record or you're apart of it," Dawn Cenowa says.

On Saturday, 1,232 people packed a 200-foot vat. Inside, 60 tons of grapes stretching over two city blocks. 

The idea came from the classic scene from "I Love Lucy" that is still bringing laughs and inspiration well in 2014 as organizers of this year's "Lucy Fest" are paying homage to the legendary actress and Jamestown native all weekend long.

"We have everything,” Michelle Cenowa says. “Pajamas, coffee mugs. It was like why not come here and see what this is all about."

The event is also a fundraiser for the National Comedy Center, a park already in the first phase of construction, which will soon add some green space, picnic tables, and a outdoor amphitheater for comedy shows.