Supporters of medical marijuana are flying high again, after Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf told parents of sick children Tuesday, that he would sign a bill if it reaches his desk.

Wolf held an impromptu meeting with parents of children who are suffering from debilitating seizures.

He vowed to sign a medical marijuana bill, that Senators are writing.

Wolf's meeting with parents followed a news conference, in which Senators Daylin Leach and Mike Folmer say they plan to broaden their medical marijuana legislation, that overwhelmingly passed the Senate last fall.

That bill was opposed by former Governor Tom Corbett, and it died when the house didn't act on it, at the end of the legislative session, "If they support it, and it takes us farther down the road with giving these families the medicine they need, then I'm for it," said Governor Wolf.

The Senators' new bill would expand the list of authorized medical conditions, to give doctors more leeway.