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Bad Call or Super Play ??

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      Pete Carroll has taken some flak over the pass play on second and goal with twenty seconds left in the game and the Seahawks at the one yard line.  Of course, it was intercepted by Malcolm Butler of the Patriots that sealed their fourth Super Bowl title.  Lost in all the Monday morning quarterback talk is the great play by Butler.  Not only did he read the play from the start but proceeded to hang on for the interception instead of just knocking it down which would have given the Seahawks another shot at winning the game, so give the guy a lot of credit and don's just blame Carroll for a bad play call in a crucial situation.  Butler had to read that play and make it in a matter of seconds.  Butler was an undrafted free agent from West Alabama who's  name is now etched in Super Bowl lore. The Patriots have had their stars over the years but what makes the organization so successful is getting those "other" players that develop and  make big plays and contribute to the overall winning tradition.  I understand the need to run Marshawn Lynch in that situation but remember, Seattle only had one time out, two more downs to get it in the endzone if the play was not successful and a big 350 pound guy by the name of Vince Wolfork right in the middle.  I think Lynch probably would have scored on that down, if not third down.  But like the old saying goes...."that's why they play the game."

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