The KinderCare Learning Center on West Lake Road in Millcreek is a busy place. Two dozen teachers and staff members help 100 children ranging in age from infants to age 5, with older children attending after-school programs.

The center provides plenty of activities to supplement reading, writing and math. The goal is provide as much individualized instruction as possible, knowing that all children don't learn at the same pace.

 Executive Director Jessica Carlson said, "Each of our teachers is doing assessments of their children to know where they are developmentally. So when they are in the classroom they know how to gear the curriculum to that child."

 KinderCare is a national company with more than 1600 learning centers. The center in Millcreek has been open since 1985.

 The director says the key to the center's success is providing an atmosphere for learning and caring.

 Carlson said, "We want families to know that when their child is here it is their home away from home."

 The center is accredited by the state, and the  National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.