Erie based private investigator David Peck runs a cyber-security business with more than 30 employees scattered around the country.

 The retired state trooper is an expert at helping companies deal with computer security problems ranging from hacking to data theft. He has been responding to problems since forming the company in 2008.

 He said, "If a company should be compromised through a hack or whatever, we can investigate how it happened and help them get up and running."

 But much of Peck's work is prevention. His employees often penetrate a firm's cyber security, looking for weak points, and telling managers how to upgrade their system.

 He said, "I conduct these tests, assessments, make recommendations and help companies implement my recommendations. Most of the time they are quite shocked. They thought they had a better handle on things."

 And Peck said he has to work hard to stay ahead of the hackers.

 He said, "This is a full time job. Just trying to keep up with what is happening, how it is happening and how you can fix it."