A 10-month-old pit bull mix is on a rocky road to recovery, after being found nearly starved to death. Erie police have charged the dog's former owner, 25-year-old Angelique Miles with animal cruelty torture, and a summary charge of animal cruelty.

An anonymous tip led officers to discover the dog locked in a cage in the basement of a home on East 23rd Street. When humane officers rescued the dog, his condition was so bad, they didn't think he would survive. Neighbors can't understand how anyone could treat an animal this way.

"She knew from the jump she couldn't handle the dog," said a neighbor. "Rather than letting the dog deteriorate like that, she should have gave the dog away. You got some people who really want to take care of a dog; she could have gave it to one of them."

Now in the care of a foster family, the dog is making a slow, but steady recovery. Meanwhile, Miles is being held in the Erie County Prison on $10,000 bail.